Adina Kutnicki

AS is said, where there’s smoke there is fire. Damn straight. Not only that, ISIS’s preps will accrue benefits in the not too distant future, that is, if one is looking forward to multiple explosions within the U.S.

NOW, it is no longer debatable, as to whether or not ISIS (and allied terror groups, including drug cartels) is inside America and plotting attacks. After all, the evidence is overwhelmingly in the affirmative and that is that. In tandem, it has already been confirmed that a military-style ISIS terror compound is decamped only a few miles from El Paso, Texas, in the Anapra neighborhood of Juárez and in Puerto Palomas. More than alarming.


MOST ominously, a road map to their Mexican base – and how it came to pass – has been detailed at this site. Indeed, “ISIS is making preparations to strike U.S. southern border states”was written in…

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